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Andrew Bond

Professional and educational background

High school, Music school – accordion and piano; Saint-Petersburg‟s Physics and Mechanics Engineers College ; right now at Baltic Film and Media School studying film direction.

Professional skills: singer – was involved in boys‟ choir; info technology specialist / hacker, micro electronic equipment engineer.

Favourite films and genres (and why)

Children of Men by Alfonso Cuarón– because of its deep symbolism.

I can‟t choose a specific genre, I just need them all. Maybe postmodernism – it gives me limitless possibilities and absorbs every other genre.


Observing your environment can give anything you need to be inspired. Just open your eyes.

So I guess what inspires me is my personal experience – and love, of course.


To surprise the world with extraordinary things.


2007 - ½ + ½ > 1
2007 - Advertisement – Conspiracy Theory
2008 - Family Business
2008 - Obsession
2009 - Russian Size